Into Africa is a wholesale company based in Cape Town and was founded in 1996.

With increasingly large numbers of tourists visiting Southern Africa, the range of ethnic products was increased and developed, complimenting popular fashion ranges. With careful attention to current and changing fashion trends, Into Africa offers original wildlife neckwear and accessories for gents and ladies as inspired by Legends of Africa.

Our product range has grown to include Animal print neckerchiefs and scarves, as well as silk and micro-fibre ties, a full range of ethnic wraps and sarongs, pashminas and more. Into Africa has become the leading scarf supplier in the tourism industry, within South Africa and our Neighbouring countries. We strive to be the best in what we do. In 2017 we invested in a CMT factory in the heart of Cape Town, to strengthen our brand and to support the brand’s country of origin to bring more production to South Africa.